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"The bloated dead horse" gallops on... will it reach the shore?

My post had no intent to belittle. My apologies if you felt that.

Your original topic's title made this almost mandatory reading, so I entered the hallowed halls of SN, cap in hand as a newbie on this forum . I see an extravagant claim that essentially says don't use liferafts, they will kill you. I read on ... seeing many sing your praises and hardly a person had commented on your damning and inaccurate generalization.

You are right... it's a very sobering and serious issue and given that, I was more focused more on calling out the dangerous, and incorrect generalization than perhaps thinking too much about how it might be received.

When it comes to issues like this, perhaps I can be a little abrupt. My intent is to offer facts. However, my first post had no scathing criticism and simply focused on stating some other facts that rafts can be righted. I also posted a non-controversial post showing some real-world examples of rafts that do what you claim they can't.

Later posters rallied to your "defense" criticizing attempts by anyone to correct you on the death trap claim. I found it bizarre on a subject that's about saving lives, that posters were more concerned about taking a "thin blue line" stance than possibly seeing any merit in opposing views. Most of those responses were pretty pompous and dismissive (including one of yours) by implying that opponents clearly didn't have a clue, were wet behind the ears, and should post some real world experience i.e. any criticism can't possibly be real world !! My obviously useless input must have come from sitting on the couch reading sailing magazines or using Google.

That's why I posted an admittedly sarcastic summary of this entire topic. It was cynical because it does come across as a dramatic sea rescue of an empty raft, a non life threatening situation, yet received by the SN disciples as "sobering" and heroic. The serious point you raised of self righting, was virtually ignored. That revelation of the thin blue line was more sobering !!

Standing back from it, you must surely see this unhealthy pack behavior on this important topic? Even proponents of the Pudgy seemed blinded by product loyalty than seeing all the flaws with that solution as a viable alternative to a raft.

It's too important to be glib with inaccuracies and it's more important to get input from sources that have something to contribute. Sorry if you feel bruised, but in a way, you brought criticism on yourself. Contrary to your post, I don't get off on "lashing" as you put it, and frankly see your point on that as a bit of dramatic defensiveness. I am more motivated by reality and accuracy.

Going forward, I'll probably resort to more lurking and less posting if the thin blue line is more important in SN than more tolerance of opposing and experienced views.

Smack D:
You know my posts from other places... hopefully you can see through my sarcasm on mine in this topic.
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