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Originally Posted by Barquito View Post
Is it possible to flip a LR from the inside?
Yes. The article by Steven Callahan alludes to the ability to right a raft from the inside; which I would assume would require standing on the roof and then pulling one side of the tubes down and walking along the roof toward your hands until it flips upright again.

The scenario posted by Smack is a bit melodramatic. Who is gonna take their family out into the sea and put themselves into the position of survival sailing with their children aboard? YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!! NATURAL SELECTION AFTER THE FACT! (sadly for the children involved)

We have all seen and heard about families lost at sea and families who struggled to survive in a raft or on heavy seas in their sailboat. For those of you who have children please, please don't follow in their footsteps and subject your families to the horrors of survival at sea for the self gratification of being a world cruising sailor. There are acceptable and un-acceptable risks here; and coastal passagemaking or island hopping are one thing (with known weather windows that have a few days of extra good weather). Going across oceans with family aboard or sailing out into hazardous seas because you need to stay on schedule is quite another.

There is a reason why you need to be 18 to join the Navy; and there is a reason why there are laws that protect children from endangerment; but unfortunately there is no enforcement of this when it comes to taking kids far offshore. Remember, they have no choice in the matter; and you ARE taking a risk whether you go out for a daysail or for a trip across the ocean. It is your decision as the person responsible to make decisions on behalf of everyone onboard; even if they cant (a meek spouse) or don't know they should protest your choices regarding their personal safety.

This magical miniature craft that is impervious to wind and waves in the most powerful fury the ocean has to offer (50' seas, 100kt winds or more) simply does not exist. (well, it does but it's not designed to be more than a single person boat; or a tender). If it did exist; the patent holder would be a billionaire. But it doesn't; so forget about that little fantasy.
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