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Originally Posted by tager View Post


You're hilarious. 9-11 did not cause this kind of erosion of our freedom. The erosion of our freedoms was the cause of 9.11.

Just look at the video tape.
Honestly, an airplane made that building fall into it's own footprint?
What about WTC7 that fell all on its own?
How about the pentagon? Why won't anyone give a sufficient explanation of what happened to the pentagon? The jet just shot right into the middle and disappeared?
I don't care honestly who caused 9-11, it could have been terrorists, or the US government, or any number of other agents. The point I am trying to make is that the response by our government was opportunistic and orwellian.

It doesn't matter whether or not it was an "inside job." The important thing to realize is that our government failed to protect our rights as citizens in their reaction.

Now tell me again that 9-11 was the antecedent, and the loss of our freedom was the consequent.
well said... but remember my fellow patriot of lifelong conditioning,america is founded,built and i run on slavery. Endentured servant would be a more pøroper term as we all know that slavery ended when that slave owning pres. fought gallantly for africans to be fight for him a gain control over southern stubbornesss to "industrialize".

freedoms the carrot at the end of the stick to make you bust a nut . it exists but only in civilized society. like here in norway and some gated community in florida.

9-11, whoever dun-it, is nothing more than another bottle of conditioner in your red,white and blue shower stall.Time to take a bath ,please!
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