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analyze the damage by looking at the posted photos To support their conclusions
It looks to me that the majority of us who have studied the photoes somewhat disagree whith the owner of the reason to the breakdown. This is based on experience with amongst other incidents similar to this. Some things are better evaluated 'at distance' without influence of the owner around. Are we competent 'qualified experts' - not for us to tell, but You should notice that some of us have been quite some time in the business, some still are.
they assume that the owners neglected the maintenance of their boat, and that the technicians who worked on it didn't know what they're doing.
Nobody have accused anybody of anything, read my previous post:' I do not accuse You of anything', unless You considder a question about service for an accusation. The reason for the question was to eliminate a possibility! The question would sooner or later have been forwarded by Autoprop if it was to go to court.

Now they're debating among themselves the type and manner of fastenings they think were used by the maunfacturer.
This is quite essential as design and use of material may have weakened the questioned part. The only question that have been made was if it is the original parts used or have they been replaced.

but you just can't do a serious analysis like this over the internet

What do You use the internet for? I do it to collect information and in forums like this discuss relevant issues. What better place can we find the info we seek? We are not in a court of law to pass centence over something, we are discussing an incident which was brought to us by the original poster. If the poster do not like our conclusion it is sad, but we did not start it. What I did originally was to point to some 'clues' that went in another direction and it seems some more agreed to it.

This is not the way to get the reliable answers you want and need, and it's only contributing to your frustration. You need to have the damage examined up close by a qualified expert, who can do whatever testing or analysis may be necessary, and can ascertain what fastenings were actually used by the builder without relying on vague memory, and determine whether the fastenings were changed by a technician. In short, you need a reliable, court-admissible analysis by a qualified expert, that tells you (1) whether the damage was someone's fault other than your own, and (2) that is sufficiently persuasive to prevail over the opposition's expert opinion to the contrary. You have to be prepared for the possibility that he might not be able to pin the responsibility on someone else. Then, armed with that analysis, your attorney can attempt to negotiate a reasonable settlement of your claim with the responsible party. Failing that, there's always court.
I guess this one is for LaLeLu, but I would like to defend her(?) for posting in the forum. Hopefully the different posters have been able to help her with what issues to furter examine and which to eliminate. Hopefully it may have put her on the right track, sueing the wrong company/person is not a smart thing to do. She has got some inputs from the net,we in the 'group' have had an educating discussion, at least me!
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