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Originally Posted by OceanMom View Post
Hi all,
Love this site. This is all new to me but I don't care. I have two children 15 and 10 and a husband who has been transferred to San Diego. We currently live in the OC and hate it. I need the name of a good boat broker who can get us a suitable boat and liveaboard slip. I know I am asking for the impossible, but I'm embracing the journey.Anyone out there have some good information about liveaboard homeschooling and raising kids on boats let me know. I'm looking for any practical advice preferably with a positive outlook.
Thanks to all, Ocean Mom
We absolutely LOVE living aboard (2 adults, no kids, 8 years+ aboard a 33-foot boat). A couple of thoughts about making the transition:
1. You can't possibly "weed through" your possessions and subtract enough things that the remainder will fit. Instead, you have to start from scratch and figure out what you can't do without. In practice, now while you're still on land: (for example) take every single thing out of your kitchen. Put it in the basement. Now go about your life. Whenever you need an item for cooking, go down to the basement and get it (only one thing per trip) and put it back into the kitchen. Sooner or later will come a moment when instead of going to the basement for the automated-apple-peeling-gizmo, you will just improvise with a knife that is already upstairs ... congratulations, you've begun identifying what you can't do without. Repeat the process in other areas of your life.
2. Figure out what makes you feel like you're camping out, and fix that, or your life afloat will be frustrating and short-lived. For me, going to the marina head to take showers and walking back with wet hair was a deal-breaker, so we made sure our boat included a shower with hand-held sprayer and hot water.
3. Now while you're on land (if you haven't already) transfer your music CDs to an iPod and your cookbooks to computer files and scan your photo albums. You just don't have the space for this stuff, and the moisture/mold will get 'em anyway.
4. I like Capt Force's suggestion about everyone having their own space. You also have to give each other mental space, because sometimes you won't have enough physical space. No shoulder surfing. You may overhear someone's phone conversation - pretend you didn't, no comments unless invited. (Ditto for bathroom noises!)
5. Think about hobbies, this is another part of 'camping out' if you can't do your favorite recreation. Pool tables and model trains aren't going to work on a boat for obvious reasons.

We'll have more thoughts for you as you move aboard, wouldn't want to overwhelm you yet. Welcome to the life, and thanx for your service.
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