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Originally Posted by jaschrumpf View Post
Has there been any speculation about sabotage/bombing yet?

I mean, besides by me?
None whatsoever that I've heard. In deep, overpressured wells, well control is always an issue. Add that the BOP equipment is 5,000' under the rig floor, and stuff gets complicated.

In the 1980's I was MMS (minerals management service) certified for well control supervision for both surface and subsea stacks, but at the time we were dealing with a few hundred feet of water depth. Nothing at all like the water depths they are dealing with here.

It certainly appears that either the pipe rams are closed or the well has bridged off, because if it was wide open it would be spewing a lot more oil and gas. I suspect that the current attempts to work the BOP are to close the shear rams, designed to sever the drill pipe and completely close in the well. Success will depend on how much junk is around the wellhead, and whether the well control equipment has been damaged by falling debris.

If closing the shear rams is successful, then there would be a lingering concern about pressure buildup from gas under the wellhead while awaiting kill operations.

This is terribly sad, 11 men have lost their lives, and their families have lost husbands and fathers. We must certainly hope that environmental damage can be minimized.
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