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Originally Posted by knothead View Post
Sorry Dog, it's a non issue in my book. I refuse to live my life worrying about what might happen in some hypothetical court case after some hypothetical accident.
In my mind, that's kinda like letting the terrorists win. I've got better things to worry about.

The Mega light is a lot brighter than the non coast guard approved kerosene light that I used for an anchor light for many years with no problem.
When I eventually upgrade to an LED anchor light, I plan on taking pictures and video of it from 3 miles away. (Maybe have witnesses on tape. "Do you see that masthead light?" Maybe ask my wife to blink the masthead light off-on a couple times to verify that it's our light on the video.) That ought to dispell any doubts about it in an inexpensive way.

That, and I usually anchorages when you don't even legally need a light. The LED would be a extra precaution.


For new installations, the cost savings from using thinner wire, helps offset the cost of the LED light. Then there's all the other benefits of current-draw, weight savings, long life, no corroded socket.

(Something to consider of you ever get away from dock powser... At 12 volts, an amp-hour added to you daily power needs costs roughly $1.50. That's 0.8 amp incandescent X 10 hours = $12, just for the electricity, when replaced by wind/solar and stored overnight in batteries.)


Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.
The best minds discuss sailing (and a little bit of politics). I don't know why. It's a mystery!

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