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jaschrumpf---- i checked out the mover marine link you posted. one poster said he had a coil that was supposed to be used with a " balanced " resistor but he didn't have one. a coil designed to be used with a ballast resister operates at a lower voltage than 12 volts so the resister is in the circuit to lower the voltage to the coil. an ignition switch with run & start will have a wire that bypasses the resister on the start circuit to raise the voltage to the coil when starting. the run circuit then goes through the resistor. if the resistor is not used too many amps going through the coil will cause it to heat up & fail. if the resistor is defective the engine will fire on the start circuit, but not run. the condenser ( capacitor ) in the distributor does two things. when the points open the condenser takes the voltage surge so the points do not arc. it then discharges back through the coil causing a rapid break down of the magnetic lines of force in the coil. this induces a very high voltage in the secondary windings in the coil & a spark at the plug.
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