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I have an the same w/o a harness.

FWIW, the hydrostatic and "pill" ones are basically equivalent for almost 95% of the folks that sail. Really the only significant advantage to a hydrostatic versus a pill is heavy wet weather sailing. Constant pounding of rain/seas etc. may set a pill one off prematurely, whereas the hydrostatic one should remain non-activated until you are actually submerged. Also, if you tend to store your PFD in a "wet" locker, a pill one my go off if it is subjected to water.

I am also of the belief that you want a separate harness and PFD. Why?, because you may want to have a harness on without a PFD, either because it may be too hot to wear a PFD or you just want to be clipped onto the boat without a PFD. Also, the ring on the PFD for the Harness is too low IMO and can cause serious damage to your body. A true harness, even a chest one only, puts the ring much higher on your torso, where your body is stronger.

Unless you plan on doing a lot of solo sailing or sailing in heavy, wet weather, a hydrostatic with a harness ring may be overkill and one with the traditional pill and without a D-ring would be fine. Not saying don't get it the hydro/D-ring model, just my two cents on what I think is a more appropriate option for you.

As far as fit. I'm 6'6" and 240 and it fits me with plenty of room to spare.


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