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in my opinion ,As well as the wriitten document formerly refferenrrd to as Our Constitution, One's mear appearance or fiancial status i not sufficient reason to suspend one'scivil rights nor isi adequate to sutain reasonable seach nd detention.
Look to the writings of our foundingfathers on this and oter topics as well as recent history (1936-9) for the results of accepting notions of "just doing there job" or "merly respnding to a complaint" A modicum of common sense as well as respect MUST be realized and actions like the ones taken by these officers must be cutailed lest history shoul repeat itself.
Or as one man was quoted as saying "wewe give up personal freedoms for safety, we will have niether"
I contend that this action was meant to send a clear message that I was not welcome in North Myrtlr Beach,SC. and it has hit it's target !
Oddly, I never had any interest or intention of stopping at this waterside trist trap . It ha little or nothing of value or interest to me and the services at the Barefoot landing dock are sub-par as is the WI-fi Sgnal, no upland facilities and rude condescending docks hands.
In the future I will go around outside or make every effort to plan accordingly to avoid any delay in North Myrtle beach,SC. and continue to convey my experience to all who will listen.
Incidently , we spent the last weekend in Beaufort,NC. during the wooden boat show and found te town welcoming and a very enjoyable stop.
We are now in Oriental,NC . and having a great time visiting folks we met last time we passed through and wish our schedule and timeline would allow us to linger longer, but we need to continue as we are looking forward to returning to all the other great places further north we have enjoyed inprevious trips as well as the new places and people we will encounter along the way.
I urge others to express there displeasure w/ N.Myrtle's tactics by avoiding the area.
Why go where your not welcome when SOOoooooo many finer places exist whith nicer folks and MUCH more of value to see and do !
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