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So one day I am channel surfing

And I come across a special on garbage and what it is doing to the planet. Up until this time I have to admit that I really didn't think about it. But I saw that birds on the islands in the Pacific were dieing of starvation.
When the scientists looked at the bodies of these birds the found plastic in their rib cages hinting at the fact they had eaten plastic.
They then cut to the pacific waters between the Galapagos Islands and French Polynesia. They showed the waters to be so polluted with garbage (Plastics) that the birds were eating it thinking it was fish. Thus causing the starvation.
The narrator said it was from storm drains in America which "okay" maybe some was. I highly doubt however that all of it was. I think the best culprit here is cruise ships dumping garbage. They are probably more to blame then California is.
But this shows another problem in the environmental movement. To fix a problem you have got to be one truthful about the cause and two honest about the realities of the day at hand.
We can do a lot better but it does come down to a individuals as well as a corporations decision.
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