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Reverse is an adventure

Ok... so I purchased my first sailboat in December and launched at the beginning of April. I have had 4 sails since then and my family and I are really enjoying the boat. In these first 4 trips, I have identified some things I need to work on to keep the stress low and the fun high!

1. Reverse! On my Tartan 30, backing out of the slip seems to be an adventure in going anywhere but where I think the rudder is telling the boat to go. Once I am free of the slip an in forward gear, things get back to normal, but I am hoping to control this thing going backwards at some point! Fortunately, I don't have boats behind me, but depth becomes an issue pretty quick.

2. Coming back into the slip - So far, I have grounded the boat once, had a Sea Ray come within a couple of feet of us in our creek (it is pretty narrow in Parrish Creek so maybe this is just normal), come into the dock a bit too fast once and a bit too slow once.

3. Dealing with high traffic - my first three sails were in very low traffic, but with the fourth sail, it was a bit of a challenge to get through the two channels I needed to on the way back in (West River entrance and Parrish Creek entrance). It seems like this is just something to get used to.

4. Getting the sails up and down - this one is working itself out and getting better every time we go out.

I figure I can just start practicing getting into and out of the dock on a Monday and that should help, but does anyone have any tips for reverse on these things? Any other Tartan 30 owners?

Next, we plan on anchoring out for lunch, then trying our first overnight!
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