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HI Denise! Folks Denise is the truly awesome person letting me make payments so I can power my sail boat!!

As for meet you are aware its currently in 08215. I have no problem providing transport but its in my metro which is not the most comfy car in the world (worth it to me at 56+mpg :-) hehe

I am working for the Census and having a ton of fun. At my current rate I will be UNABLE to work this weekend because I will have hit 40 hours by then :-)

maybe this weekend?

I am wondering if I may have discovered the MAKER of the boat. I am thinking HUNTER. I found a scary similar boat on craigslist (granted its much much much nicer than mine and has an inboard desel I lack and have no provision for so its was never their) but man the design is scary similar

27 Foot Hunter Cruiser Sailboat

are all of this class like that or would this maybe indicate it is a hunter? I did take a couple more pictures I will get them online tonight.

I have to pull the boat out as the rear in not accessible at the moment (serious TICK and Thorn Central down their!). Next time I am down their I will tug it out a few feet so I can look for those numbers for you.

THEIR IS BOLTS holding the keel on! Yeah! 8 bolts 4 each side.

I can not do anyhing right now as I dare not climb into the boat on the trailer. I fear I am too heavy and do not want to break anything.

When my brother is home from his current work we are going to climb in their and confirm they are bolts and not studs. If bolts IE heads on both side that keel WILL come off even if I have to cut the bolts since it would be silly easy to replace them which is what I will do no matter how it comes out.

More to come!

No power lines within 400 feet of the boat so not an issue. I would NOT attempt to MOVE the boat with the mast up. I would just put it up take it down a few times for "practice" to make sure we have a clue what we are doing before getting wet.

As for sails I am surrounded by tree line so not too much threat and would not raise all the way. Just again to practice so we know how to do it.

My big concern is IS IT SAFE (for the boat) to do this while on the trailer? am I going to stress the hull to much walking around on deck while on the trailer?

I still have to do the title work (money) fix the van to tow it (money) pay off the motor (money) probable get a new transom mount thingy (that swivel thing you had on the boat Denise to raise and lower it as I do not think Mine has one (money) just to put it in the water (money)

SO if I can safely do it on the trailer I can at least learn hot to step the mast and raise the sails so I am READY once I get all the money together to pay for it all :-) hehe

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