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I have a few photos, will try posting them. There isn't much to my "installation" as the forward camera is sitting on my zodiac which is inverted on the forward deck, and the aft camera is on its bracket which is wedged between two of the stoppers next to the companionway. Each cam's power cord runs under the nearest hatch, with the wall-wart inside.

Range is not an issue as I have an Engenius EOC-3220 WiFi box on the stern arch set up as an AP and WDS repeater from the main marina AP across the road, so the cameras only have to reach ten or thirty feet. The boat's AP covers the 600-800 feet to the office, which is sometimes marginal because of a large metal-covered hangar in right between. Last year I was much farther back in the yard and it worked as well or better.

I saw the domes (from Hong Kong) before; there are many like that designed for fixed-mount cameras. Domes for pan/tilt tend to be much much larger. I don't know the model of the one I have, the clear dome portion is about 8" diam which is overkill but all I could find. It may be too big&ugly to mount on the arch, but maybe up the mast it will be less noticeable. I took a chance for $80 at a surplus/electronics/alarm shop in Montreal.

A friend sent me these links for the Airlink cameras, I've found several to be very useful, especially the still image links for my iPod Touch and Blackberry, neither of which did much with the live video.

Techplay | Airlink SkyIPCam Foolery

Airlink101 SkyIPCam 747W - Working : ZoneMinder

You can also use the syntax


to quickly pull up the image without extra clicks or typing (but not on IE, they removed that feature in the name of security).

I should mention that I have a couple of port-forwarding rules on the main marina AP (I installed their system, so I have full config access), to reach my cameras (and NMEA server, and VOIP TA) through their firewall. Whether they work anywhere else is hit-or-miss, but generally if the baot isn't at my dock, it's because I'm aboard.

...spent the last few days rewiring my AC entry instead of playing with the cameras... at least the cameras are accessible.

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