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Originally Posted by scottyt View Post
what i would do to save cost and still have it be a diy job. is to get a rigger ( mail order ) to make up all the cables with pressed fittings on the top, and have the cables a little long. then cut and use stayloc or what ever on the bottom end. this makes sense because you will save a little money on not using the mechanical fittings for the whole thing. but it is still a diy job, and some parts are reusable. also having a mechanical fitting where you cant check them easily is a bad idea in my mind.

this is what i did when i needed a new stay, cost for a 38 foot stay with a pressed top and the stayloc fitting was about 80 bucks ( cable size .220 ) at that price my whole boat would be less than 700 ( 8 total stays/shrouds 36' mast length )
We are also going this route. Although we decided to go with swage fittings top and bottom - I doubt we will have the same boat in 10 or more years when it is ready to be replaced again (the originals have held up for over 20). I'll add that dending on the manufacturer of your existing rigging, you may or may not be able to get compatible mechanical toggles for the upper ends. You may want to PM Knothead on this site (Steve Smith). He and his company SSMR are making our wires, and he has been exteremely helpful in terms of being available to discuss the project and walk us through the process. I never would have known that there are slight differences in t-ball fittings between manufactuers, and that they are not all compatible with the same backing plates. That advice alone has saved us a lot of potential missery, not to mention wasted money. PM me if you want his number.
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