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Creedence, I envy you.

I hope you have an inkling how lucky you are to marry a woman who's too free-spirited to only want to keep up with the joneses, what's more, she likes boats apparently, and even more than that, she apparently thinks this is a good idea. This is like a Bonnie and Clyde level connection, as far as shared interests go. It would be a waste not to pursue this.

I live alone on a 30, I'd never live with a woman on such a small boat no matter how enthusiastic she is, but even with an annapolis-priced slip, you better believe I am saving money vs a solo apartment. I can't imagine saving money buying a new boat, but wouldn't mind living on one!!!

If you gotta invest in dirt, do yourself a favor and invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) (reet). It's a big landholding company where professionals handle upkeep and you get the dividends. It's so much gosh darn work to make property pay off when you're the poor sap that has to worry about it. This way you can also diversify a bit, not just betting your life on one huuuuuuuge investment that requires a 30 year mortgage to pull the arm on a slot machine.

Living aboard, the big problems are space, refrigeration, waste disposal, lack of privacy, getting a quiet slip in a good looking place, gale force winds, emergency repairs.

Benefits are peace, no lawn, no dogs barking, no car horns, usually less gunfire, people around the marina are generally in a good mood, you can take your house on adventures, IRS counts it as a home, wildlife.

So long story short, you've got great gifts and great opportunity and I hope you're ready to acknowledge it, treasure it, and make it pay off.
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