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Cat30 Exhaust riser blew up - Engine won''''t start

If water has gotten into the engine ....... Immediately clean the cylinder head of debris, remove the spark plugs and squirt into the cylinders a few tablespoonsful of Marvel Mystery Oil (from an auto supply store). Squirt it in straight down and again to the portside of the combustion chamber. With the plugs out, spin the starter, let sit, spin the starter and check with your thumb to see if you still have compression.
If no compression, open the valve cover on the portside and inspect to see if the exhaust valves are stuck open (not moving when you crank the starter). If valves are stuck, fashion a ''lever'' from an old screwdriver - go into the sparkplug hole and push the stuck valve down until it hits the valve seat (bottom) - coat the valve stems with Marvel Mystery Oil and spin the starter (remove the ''lever'').. keep pushing the valves back down and wiping with MMO until free.
If you have evidence of water into the crankcase -drain and fill with MMO, crank for a few minutes but do not start and let sit a few days.... then start and run to warm WITH NO LOAD (no forward - no reverse). Replace the Marvel oil in the crankcase with 75% oil & 25% MMO.
No Atomic four is dead until the block corrodes through .... Your mechanic is salivating for a new engine job that will cost you $4-5000+++ (also needs changing the fuel tank, the propshaft, prop, the engine bed, etc etc. and you still wont have as reliable or as smooth running an engine as an Atomic-4 !!!). If you need to TOTALLY rebuild (rare) - expect to pay $2000-3000 tops. But I''d not let this particular mechanic do it - he seems a bit too "hungry" perhaps even dishonest.
You can get the Atomic-4 Service and Overhaul Manual directly from Don Moyer - about $50.00 and worth its weight in GOLD. He also rebuilds Atomic-4s and is VERY reasonable in price. BTW - he is the world''s renown expert on Atomic-4s. ... and will discuss your ''problem'' at no charge. Perhaps he can recommend a ''good'' Atomic-4 mechanic near you - he knows most of them.
If you need additional help (assuming you can turn a wrench) join the Atomic-4 newgroup here on Sailnet. Lots of knowledgeable Atomic-4 drivers/folks lurk there.
Hope this helps. ;-)
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