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Hey Max - thanks for the BFS story. First, let me address some of your comments:

Originally Posted by Maxboatspeed View Post
You sure seem to know some snit for a "new guy"
I've been sailing for 2 years now - all on a lake except for my sail on the Hudson with Bubb.

So, I definitely don't know much - but I'm very, very passionate about sailing and am learning absolutely everything I can. And SN and the salts around here go a LONG way in helping that process.

The bottom line is that it's really not as hard or scary as many make it out to be. When I first started I was very, very intimidated by it all...the terminology, the complexity of the sails, ROW rules, and on and on. And yeah, that stuff is pretty complex - but jeez, you can get out and learn to sail a 27' boat from point A to point B in a few hours! And you'll have the most fun you've ever had in you're life! That last part is what I DID "know". And I was right.

Sure, you'll still have a lifetime of learning in front of you - but the point is you'll be doing it! And that's what counts the most.

Then, from there, you'll be pushing your own limits a bit more with each season. Sometimes you'll do it intentionally, sometimes you'll just get caught (like your story). But during it all, you'll not only learn stuff you didn't know before, but you'll have BFS stories that you'll excitedly tell to everyone you absolutely can (again, like your story). That's BFS in a nutshell.

Look, if I can learn a few things about sailing - ANYONE can learn it. It ain't rocket science. It's just awesome.

Originally Posted by Maxboatspeed View Post
BSF Global Regatta? Joke? Game?
No, the BFSGR is absolutely the real deal. The way I figure it, if we can all race each other without the stresses, costs, and hassles of actually having to be in a formal club/regatta, we'll all have a blast. From newbies to vet racers - we just go out on our body of water, when we want, on whatever boat we have, and we run around a course and compare our best time to others'. What's not to like?

So get me the coords for a course in your area and let's race!

Now, as for your story, that's a BFS. It wasn't mother nature throwing down on the dude, it was just a technical oversight. But, the dude didn't panic, he handled the problem, and as long as he still loved sailing and went out again with that new knowledge - it was just a BFS and not a disaster.

I will say this though regarding single-handing (which will undoubtedly assure me tons of grief): If anyone around here wants to talk "prudent sailing" and then turn around and defend singlehanding as in any way "sensible" - they're nuts. Sailing singlehanded is undoubtedly the most dangerous way to sail that there is.

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