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Originally Posted by Maxboatspeed View Post
like I said - you seem to know your snit. Thanks for adding the excellent comments.

Two main points I think you helped to relate:

1. All that pursue sailing can sail. Basic sailing is available to anyone that is willing to learn. It ain't that hard. There are lots that want to help "newbies" get going.

2. Singlehanding a bigger keel boat is not something to be taken lightly. I guess this idea is similar to scuba diving alone, mountain climbing alone, backcountry skiing alone, etc. All of these are not a good idea - except that folks that are very advanced find solo stuff to be the next challenge. Training for diving, skiing, and climbing start by explaining the risks involved with going solo. In fact, it's accepted, solo is nuts - except maybe for the very advanced.
Not so for sailing?

So, thanks SD. I appreciate your comments and input. You write pretty well (and a lot).


MAX: You nailed it on the singlehanding as compared to rock climbing, scuba diving, etc. And that's what is so fascinating about the argument. I've been a pretty avid participant in all the sports you mention. Let's take rock climbing for example. I was sport climbing at the 5.13 level up until our second kid (5 years ago). So I was fairly advanced. Would I defend going out and doing a 5.11 multi-pitch trad climb on self belay only? No way. That's crazy. What about a free solo speed climb on 5.9/10 (i.e. - no rope):

Again, no way. The bottom line is - there's high risk and no back up. Yet there are people out there doing both.

So, do singlehanding sailors equate what they're doing to the above video? And if not, why not?

KNOT: That is one BIG FREAKIN' STICK! Very nice! What's it off of?

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