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Good Advice from All - Follow Up

I put up a request looking for a small sail on the Pearson Yahoo groups and Bingo another 10M owner (my boat) had a 95% Jib that he had no need for. While it was a little smaller than I was hoping, for $350, it was worth it. It is a Neal Pryde sail and in good shape. Bonus, he lived less than an hour from me

Before I got this sail, I only had a storm jib, 130, 135, and 150%, so this made a good addition to the sail inventory. Hoisted it on my boat and tried it this weekend. Not a lot of wind (16 kts max) to give it a thorough workout, but I was really, and pleasantly, surprised on how efficeiently the sail plan made the boat move. Closehauled, we averaged the following SOG's (GPS):
  • 7 kts apparent 3.8 kt SOG
  • 8 kts apparent 4.3 SOG
  • 9 kts apparent 4.9 SOG
  • 10 kts apparent 5.3 kt SOG
  • 13 Kts aaparent 5.8 kts SOG
  • 16 kts Apparent 6.2 SOG

We never were over 15 deg heel and my wife really enjoyed that. Had I had the 135 up, we would have been in the 6 kt SOG range at 10 kts apparent and 6.3 kts at 13 apparent. By 16 kts, we would have been heeled over around 25 to 30 deg and staring to experience moderate helm but only doing about 6.7 kts.

Yes, weren't as fast and could have easily have used the 135 today, but the 95 was easier to tack and the sail was more pleasurable with less heel. Had we had some bodies on the boat, the 135 would have been sweet, but for being 40% smaller in area, the 95 was decent for two of us for a lazy relaxing sail even in light winds.


If you liked my advice/response, give me some rep points. If you didn't......well what do you expect, it was free.
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