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The fact is we were not prepared--not BP, not any government agency to handle this type of disaster. I suppose we all hope and assume that the folks making the decisions to create the potential for disaster also build appropriate safety measures and have the right equipment to respond--but we'd be wrong. On a positive note, we are poised to gain the experience and wisdom to prevent such a thing from happening in the future. If we (citizens, government, etc) perform adequate due diligence, we will hopefully prevent companies like BP from charging ahead thinking first of the bottom line and second of the environment and the rest of us.[/QUOTE]

That's easier said then done. The problem I have is that everything in the government is broken. The Bank regulators, Boarder patrol, ICE, the MMS, the treasury dept even non government agencies. The SEC, the Federal Reserve is broken and not regulated.
So where do we start? Obviously IMHO at the voting booth. These morons in the government today are professional politicians and haven't got a clue how we the people feel or what we really care about. Look at how many listened when we said no the the bailouts for the banks.
Iceland is the only smart country on the planet right now. The English and Netherland Govs asked that they pay the money invested back. They put it to a vote and the people said no. With investment comes inherent risk.
You Lost the money in a investment so you lose. I like the way they think. The money we Borrowed to bail out our banks went over seas. Ya what a great idea that was.

And in the meantime BP drills a relief well instead using or trying a shape charge to close the fricken pipe below the gulf floor.
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