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Actually? Chicken, beef, pork, turkey...practically any meat and especially processed meat can kill you with salmonella and e.coli and listeria. Our bodies have evolved nothing that protects against the more virulent strains of these, they survive the acid bath in our stomachs (stronger than battery acid) and often our immune systems as well. Some estimates are that there are 5000 deaths from food poisoning per year in the US alone, and well into six figure for food posioning where folks recover, one way or another.

Cantaloupe is notorious, as is most "field grown" imported produce, because of contamination from fecal matter. From chicken excrement used as fertilizer, and human waste that the migrant pickers have no choice about leaving in the fields. Yes, a melon can kill you--because of what is on the skin.

Oysters? Shellfish and some fish are all known to concentrate toxins from algea in the water. We have no defense against these, any more than we do against any other venoms. Ciguatera in fish is normally undetectable, locals know enough to just not eat certain species that often have it.

Considering the number of antiobiotic-resistant germs out there, washing all produce with soap and water for a mere 30 seconds is cheap insurance. Eatting rotting food? A great idea, a great way to ensure Darwinian evolution.

Not for me, thanks.
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