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You just made my point. You can't apply THIRD WORLD SCENARIOS to our first world way of life. Just because it's cleaner than burning wood in a standard fire does not mean it's cleaner than burning natural gas or use of electricity. These TLUD stoves (etc) are being developed to reduce emissions in 3'rd world nations where they don't have power/gas infrastructure and appliances are cost prohibitive. In comparison to a standard cooking fire a TLUD stove is carbon negative; but ONLY in comparison to cooking over a campfire. This is where so many "greenies" get it in their head that they are doing something good for the environment; when really they are going backwards with respect to the developed world.

The burning of wood relative to natural gas or coal is not carbon neutral or negative. You still have utilized a carbon based fuel source to produce thermal energy and BTU for BTU the energy consumed is the same. The difference is that a TLUD stove or similar device has combustion products that are worse for you than the CO2 and H2O that comes off of a gas stove. The combustion products are Tars (creosotes); H2, and methane or formaldehyde (if oxygen is restricted too much). Tars are very bad for your health over the long term; and if your TLUD stove it not burning the methane (reducing it to CO2) it is 25x worse as a greenhouse gas than CO2 (atom for atom).

If you burn your TLUD stove; you can measure how much carbon you emitted by weighing the wood before burning and the charcoal after. The difference in weight is roughly the amount of CO2/tars/methanes you produced or emitted. Remember, the earth has vast quantities of methane trapped in the crust; and if we don't use it for fuel it will vent into the atmosphere at some point anyway; and methane molecules are 25x worse than CO2 (which is why environmentalists are also against livestock consumption).
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