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Fast Sail Mike reply

Okay one more time.
I have tried every conventional method to landing this boat as you all described. I have also tried unconventional methods as I described (coming down stream and trying a SB turn into slip.
Again here is the situation in more detail i'm phased with.
I have a 32' narrow 9'8" boat that I'm slipping in a 30' long slip with port floating finger pier next to a 32'x 10'7" boat in a 30'x 11' slip with a SB 30' pier.
The head dock and these finger piers are floating steel therefore there is 0 current inside the slip well. Both slips are divided by a center post.
The moment you steer into the slip (preferably to port) going upstream the boat will be pushed downstream port aft. Due to the narrowness of the slip you have to enter as straight as you can. Going straight into the slip causes the boat to drift sideways to port at the speed of the current.
When the current is below 4-5 knts you can make a generally soft landing bumping sideways into the finger pier with protection of fenders.
As my keel is at about 11 ft from bow half my boat will be in the narrow slip B-4 the river takes over and pushes the boat against the corner of the finger pier, which in turn becomes a center-point around which my boat wants to turn due to the current pushing on my keel and rudder. This action results in the bow wanting to go SB as the aft of the boat is being pushed P. In order not to hit my right door neighbor I have a crew member pull the boat P while standing on the port side finger pier. If I go in straight faster I have to reverse faster and as previously mentioned my boat will go port due to the prop rotation exaggerating the river effect.
I hate looking like a newbie that doesn't know what he is doing, but I have to accept that I only can go out when current allows and not just when i want to.
My neighbor who's been sailing his boat for over 20 years and 90% of the time single hand, has not taken his boat out since 5 of us helped him slip it 4 weeks ago.
I've been boating (sail & power) for over 48 years in 11' to 55' boat and never have not been able to land a boat with a kiss, this bump and grind is bothering me.
I only wish all the other States stop taking water out of our Great lakes and the water level would be up by 8"-12" enabling me to pick a more secluded marina that can handle my draft.
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