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The short answer is you should have had your rigger do both a static and a dynamic rig tune before you handed him the check. First things first. Are you sure that your rig doesn’t have the proper rake? Suspend a plumb bob from the top of the mast using your main halyard. The string should be eight inches aft of the mast at the boom (you will need to remove the main sail). You will also need to remove your jib off the furler and remove the lower reel assembly (you should be able to down load the instructions from North). Next, ease the lower forward shrouds if you have them. Then ease the headstay while taking in the slack on the Back stay. Do this until you have achieved the desired rake. You should have enough turns on your turnbuckles to do this (it doesn’t take that much). Then tighten down so you have the proper tension (I have my own Loos Gauge). Re-tension the lower shrouds and putting in any desired pre-bend. Double check to see that the mast is still in column by checking to see if the plumb bob is centered over the (centered) boom). You can also do this by measuring from the mast head to each of the lower shroud chain plates. The should be symmetrical (port to starboard). Put the sails back on and go sailing. With the boat at the desired heel, check for slack in the leeward shrouds. Tighten. Do the same on the opposite tack. Back at the dock, re-check your work with the Loos Gauge, making any corrections if necessary. Re-install with new cotter pins. Go sailing. Have fun.
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