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Originally Posted by GeorgeB View Post
The short answer is you should have had your rigger do both a static and a dynamic rig tune before you handed him the check. .
I agree... especially since on my bill was "rig tune". I already left him a message (he knows me by name) and will speak to him about it, but if its not terribly maybe I will tune myself. In fairness, the static tune was done since the mast is centered and in column. Honesty, I don't think I knew enough about rig tuning and lee/weather helm last year to have said anything. Plus i bought the boat mid-season and was rehabing the engine so I did little sailing, and was my first boat with a wheel so still getting used to it.

Originally Posted by GeorgeB View Post
Then ease the headstay while taking in the slack on the Back stay. Do this until you have achieved the desired rake. You should have enough turns on your turnbuckles to do this (it doesn’t take that much). .
this was my main concern and reason for asking the question... when you say "it doesn't take much"... can you give me an idea how much? is it something like 1 inch? more? less?

And SEMIjim: "On many tacks we can just let go of the tiller and it just sits there gently vibrating for a while, and eventually the boat begins to start slowly rounding up"

Mine is exact opposite. I let go of the wheel and after a while eventually the boat starts to fall off a little bit at a time.

Thanks for the replies
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