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Have you ever seen "Top Gun"? Watch Maverick and Goose effortlessly land their Tomcat on an aircraft carrier without dumping the plane off the stern of the boat- it isn't because Tom Cruise is an excellent pilot, (yeah, his dad let him fly on the driveway, yeah.. oops, sorry wrong movie), it's because their plane has an arrestor hook. a hook that catches a wire stretched across the aircraft carrier that prevents the landing planes from sliding off the end of the boat and going swimming. What does this have to do with you and your boyfriend and his boat and your tears?
You and he need to create an arrestor hook for your boat, sometimes known as a springline.
I assume you are back at the dock. I also assume that your BF's boat has an unused (or underused) cleat on the boat somewhere on the side alongside the dock. Insist that BF find or buy a line that will measure (with a lot left over) from that cleat to the dock cleat furthest out on the dock. Then insist that BF measure from the boat cleat to the dock cleat , attach the line to the dock cleat, and make a big loop on the other end of that line. This is now your "arrestor hook." when you come back to dock, the first thing you do is toss that big loop over th end cleat on the dock, and lo and behold, the boat snuggles right up to the dock like a piglet attaching to mama, and you can now bring the bow home with a dockline expertly snaring a cleat or a boathook, snagging a cleat. No yelling , no tears, everybody is happy and you look like an old salt.

It saved my marriage.
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