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Originally Posted by KeltiC View Post

I He had me get off at the dock and (since I am not very fast with tying the only knot I know) I wrapped it around the cleat as I was told. Then apparently the stern started to swing away from the dock, he told me to loosen the rope which I did and then he demanded that I get back on the boat...which I did.

Kelti, read my post above. When it comes to docking, my wife and i alternate. I handle the bow lines and she steers, and handles the throttle, and the next time we trade. By using a spring line, three things have happened.
1. We don't yell at each other any more. At least while docking.
2. The stern of the boat doesn't swing free.
3. The bow person NEVER has to leave the boat until the boat is stopped, and the helmsman has secured the stern.

Take this little piece of harsh honesty for whatever it is worth. It is HIS boat, HIS responsibility. It is HIS job to make sure you know your job, and HIS fault if things don't go well. You can't do your job well if he doesn't show you how to do it well. It is also his responsibility to make sure his crew (you) know your stuff. Like knots. and docking protocol. That is stuff that needs to be practiced, but it is up to HIM to make sure it happens because it is HIS boat.

Feel free to print that out and practice it in from of a mirror. if you go sailing with him again, methinks you will need it.
This can either be a really big and vital part of your relationship, like it is for my wife and I, or it can be a relationship killer.

There are three ways to discover the true measure of a man.
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