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Originally Posted by trailblazer1229 View Post
In general, when racing, where should the excess weight be?
On shore

Originally Posted by trailblazer1229 View Post
I thought it was best to put the crew on the windward side to counteract some heel and straighten her out a bit.
"Stand her up" is a bit more accurate a description.

Originally Posted by trailblazer1229 View Post
Then I read some heel is good becasue it lengthens the hull at the water line.
Wellll... it depends. Yeah, for most, heeling will increase the wetted surface, but it also reduces sail and rudder efficiency. So... there really is no simple answer to this one.

Originally Posted by trailblazer1229 View Post
Last night we were constantly on the leeward side while the rail was in the water.
If your leeward rail was in the water, there's no question: The rail meat needed to be all on the windward side, preferably near or behind the keel, on the rail. (I'm not going to suggest "leaning out," because that's unsafe, but...)

Originally Posted by trailblazer1229 View Post
Where should the weight be for maximum speed when you are tacking up, running down, and beam reaching???
Depends on the boat and conditions. First of all you rarely want anybody forward of the keel (approximately), because you don't want to bury her nose. Secondly: You want to get rail meat on the high side anytime heeling angle starts getting into the "optimum" range for conditions and boat. (Generally somewhere in the vicinity of 20 to 25 degrees, but dependent on the conditions and the boat.) In very light air you may want to get crew on the leeward side to induce heel--not so much for the wetted surface, but to persuade the sails to fall to leeward so they're more likely to fill more quickly on errant puffs and more likely to stay filled. Likewise, sometimes on reaches you may wish to put crew forward of the mast for the same reason.

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