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Originally Posted by stevo39th View Post
My apologies if this has been covered before, I searched and could not find such a topic.

I am 23 about to be a junior in college. I have a very strong desire to live aboard and was wondering if it is doable for someone in my situation.

If I live on campus in the dorms then I will be paying 6000 a year for simply living on campus. If I live off campus I won't have to pay that 6000. I will also be getting 750 a month Basic Army Housing pay with the new GI bill. That would essentially be my budget. I would also be adding in my 200 a month drill pay. So essentially I would have the 6000 to start of with and then about a 1000 a month to make this possible. This also includes buying a boat.

The slip I would stay at is on a lake and is around 2000 a year with electricity. 195 a month to be exact. Cheaper ones do exist but this is 16' by 40' and more than likely the only one that would fit whatever boat I got. Another possibility is a mooring buoy but I'm not sure how practical that would be. Although it is only 605 for a year.

My sailing experience is very limited. When I was 14 I got the small boat sailing merit badge in Boy Scouts and that is it.

I have read "The Essentials of Living Aboard." and have a general understanding of what I will be getting into.

I am not looking at sailing as a short time endeavor. From what I have read about sailing and living aboard is that people far to often talk about it and plan to do it but never do. So what I have here is an opportunity to do it and if it is possible on the above budget than I will go for it. It is something I am seriously considering doing after I graduate as well but if that were to occur it would be on the coast and not a lake.

Thanks for your thoughts and advice.
Well is it just you and you don't have a big family and a lot of pets? If so why not do it? Here is the deal, you can own a yacht sailboat that is paid off, and save a lot of money instead of paying rent. The marina slip with electricity, plus boat insurance will be less then half of rent somewhere. You just have to keep up on the maintenance, thats basically it. Sure you will have to buy some accommadations when you first get it such as a stove, portable ac and heater, small fridge, and other necessary things. Some boats may already have a lot of this stuff. Then you will most likely have to do I little fixing up on it but it is so worth it in the end. I thinks its a great idea for a young single guy in college, especially if you are interested in sailing as a hobby too. Oh and make sure your marina has onsite showers and laundry. From what I seen, only the really big boats, the ones in the high 30ft range and up have showers. This all said, I am sure it will take a bit of getting used to but if and when you get used to it, I think you will come out ahead in the end. If I had to go back and know what I know now, I would have done that. Instead I waited until I was 40 to buy my first sailboat, man did I lose a lot of time. Well, for me its better late then never I guess.
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