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Still stalling at 1100 rpm even in neutral

Originally Posted by tytower View Post
For the OP and this one

When the engine comes down to idle then anything causing load on the motor will stall it .
So if your Alternator is under load because its trying to charge your batteries that will cause it . If your water pump is building up pressure for some reason that might stall it. If the shaft into the gearbox is binding for any reason that will do it.Perhaps there is a problem moving the rocker gear or a valve bent . Whatever causes the load.

Have the idle set higher than recommended . Say set it at 1000 rpm to be sure . It does not use much more fuel at that speed than 750 rpm,and you will feel safer. Your motor is talking to you all the time . Its saying ¨I´m loaded up and having trouble here Boss¨
Thanks for the replies, but I am still baffled. I have the idle set at 1100 and it does not appear that the pumps are binding or that the alternator is working exceptionally hard to charge the batteries. The system has been thouroughly bled and I am getting clear fuel at the filter bleeders and injector pump, but I do not get any fuel from the bleeder bolts at the top of the injectors. My Yanmar dealer tells me this is normal, and the engine runs fine at higher rpm. There appears to be significant blow-by, as evidenced by smoke coming from the breather, when I remove the cap and from the air intake when I remove the air cleaner. Could a valve adjustment help reduce this? Is this a possible cause of low idle stalling? I'm also thinking that there may be some obstruction at the bottom of the pick-up tube in the tank, but I don't kow if this would cause a problem only at low idle?
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