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With a '70s 37 footer you probably have a dip-pole setup, esp considering you're already set up with double sheets and guys.

To expand a bit on SF's great post... What we used to do was run both sheet and guy through the pole jaws on the initial hoist.. this avoided ending up with the lazy sheet under the guy (trapping the pole) on the first gybe. You're doing a dip-pole gybe, so you have to able to 'drop' the outboard end of the pole off the guy when you open the latch. There fore it's important that the lazy sheet lead over the pole end rather than under it. Also, to get the clearance through the foretriangle, the butt (mast) end of the pole needs to be hoisted high enough up the mast for the pole to swing through. (Hint.. figure out what setting that is on the track and mark it or the pole butt lift so you can quickly set it there)

During the Gybe the sail flies on the two 'sheets' allowing the foredeck crew to change guys with no load on it. The helmsman has to be very steady here to keep the boat under the kite. Once the guy transfer is made, the foredeck crew pushes the pole out while someone else pulls the pole lift up and resets the butt lift for level. This will pull the 'new' guy up under the tensioned (soon-to-be lazy) sheet and avoids the fore-mentioned trap.

We led our 'sheets' through blocks aft on the boat, and the guys through blocks at max beam.. this helped control the pole with more stability and avoided chafe on the lifelines and strain on the stanchions from the heavily loaded guy.

Hope this helps....


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