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Wind Conditions?

Some boats do well in strong winds, some do well in light winds. For a Pearson 323, I think that you need a decent amount of wind 10+ kts to get her to move. With a PHRF of around 174, I think you need some wind to get her to move.

Another thing re: beating/closehauled. Light winds require a little more full sails (shape) than heavy winds. Also when driving up wind, steer the boat so that the INSIDE (weather side) tell tales just start to dance up. Also watch the tails when they lift. They should lift and drop at the same time. If they don't adjust the trim until they do. Get them to fly straight back to the best trim and then ease the boat up wind until they just start to dance. The helmsman needs to steer the boat to the tails, not have the sails constantly trimmed for his course.

Also if you experiencing a lot of headers, get off that tack and go to the other, because headers on one tack are lifts on the other. Lifts are good, headers bad.


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