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I can tell you that I've never been in a phrf event in the PNW with a Sabre that has been competitive at all. With a 118 rating, you'll be racing again the 114-130 band (j-29's, j-30's, Olson 911's, Farr 1020, etc... ) Every one of these boats will eat you alive even boat for boat with a higher rating than yours because most have been properly prepped, not to mentioned sailed fairly well by owners who know their boats.

The whole 'resale value' thing is odd. What you want ideally is a boat with a great reputation built in small numbers like the Express 34 or Olson 911s. The J-109 is a nice boat, but will have trouble sailing to it's rating in light air unless you sail with a large genoa (but that will effect the rating). In 5-10 years, what boat will keep it's value in the size range you're looking at? Honestly, probably nothing. On the west coast, Express 37's have because they continue to sail competitively in their rating band, and have an active one design fleet down in SF. My guess is they'll be treated like the Cal 40 in your time frame; a classic that some will lavish great love on, continue to sail hard, do the work necessary to keep them up, will still bring home the pickle dishes in the right conditions, etc... and other's that will be let go and become project boats. The trick is to find 'the right one', a boat that you can actually afford to run and do the work needed to stay in the former catagory. If you're looking for a boat that will forever be free of some deck core issues, etc... you're probably out of luck with all of them. That said, re-coring is one of those tasks that most run away from thinking it the end of a boat. That's most certainly not always the case, particularly if you're willing to do some of the work yourself. As you probably know already, just doing the prep work, removing hardward, etc... and then reinstallation will save you a ton of money.

A 36 boat in the area that might hold it's value? This one:

1989 Swan Sail Boat For Sale -

Truly a great boat that would be wonderful to cruise on, do a Swiftsure, etc..but wouldn't be particularly competitive.

The other thought is to look for one-off boats. For example, if a particular boat, say 'Sweet Okole' down in SF ever came on the market (Farr 1 tonner, cold molded), it's in absolutely showroom condition and will most certainly go quickly if the asking price is anywhere within reason. Well maintained, great race history, etc... a boat that's an institution in and of itself. A Davidson 29 (2 built, one plug boat, one from the mold) is in this catagory as a great 'one' off.

About the Farr boats, what you're looking for in the US is anything built by Carroll Marine. They've had issues that are well documented. The trick is to find one that has had all their issues dealt with. In that same class of boats, the Frers 33 is a great design as well (blt by Carrol Marine). Again, it would be well worth the trouble to have blt2ski get you in contact with the owner of 'Kiwi Express'. If you ever want to see an Express 34, PM me. Apologies in advance if I've been doing any baby talking. It's just that every 5' LOA is a huge leap in cost, issues, liabilities, etc... A lot of folks don't include anything more than the purchase price in their thinking when going big.


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