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Originally Posted by SeanRW View Post
Well, that's the thing. At first glance I thought that the POGO's interior was spartan and bare but then I had a second look at the photos on their website. After a while I grew fond of it. I imagine that the interior would be simple to maintain and clean (sponge & water). The white bulkheads and flooring look nice with the few wooden accents and the interior looks very functional (reminiscent of Japanese architecture). Plus in the heat of the tropics, I imagine that the white would have a "cooling" effect both physically and psychologically.

My one concern with the overall interior of any of the Racer/Cruisers is the apparent lack of insulation on the hull and the headliner on the cabin top. This would likely have an impact on regulating the interior temperature (hot or cold) and would not absorb any of the hull noise underway.

Now if only I could reassure myself that these types of vessels are indeed safe and comfortable enough for live aboard cruising. I've got numerous questions & concerns that have arisen when considering one of these.
1. Steerage at low speed because of the smaller rudder size
2. The obvious limitations on both water and fuel tankage
3. Load carrying capacity, especially in light of their light displacement
4. Provision for anchoring (a locker, spare anchor, windlass, can you carry chain ?)
5. Bimini, I need some kind of sun protection in the cockpit ?
6. Dodger, or do I live in foul weather gear on passage ?
7. Storage for a dinghy & outboard ?

Well, these are questions that I just posed to POGO in an email today and we'll see what they respond with. Maybe I'm being too North American and demanding too much. I mean I love the idea of these vessels, the speed and fun that they would be. I don't mind the "simple" accommodations and in fact almost welcome them. I like the lines and particularly like the idea of the swing keel which would be handy for beaching or at least getting closer to shore but the questions above have me wondering.

Sean, about the steerage at low speed, that would not be a problem. The boat has twin rudders and the area is equivalent to a big single ruder. You will not have the effect of the engine (water moved by propeller) on the rudder, but with most sail drives the effect is already very small.

About the water tankage, that is not a problem, the boat has big water ballast tanks and you can use that water for drinking.

About the fuel tanks, I believe you can have a bit more, but for sailing you don't need it. That boat sails at almost wind speed. Any wind will give you a decent speed.

Now, make no mistake, that is a Ferrari. Many would think that a Ferrari is a racing car and not the ideal car for touring. The boat comes from a line of Solo Ocean racers, so it is designed to cross oceans and even to circumnavigate. The question is: Do you want to travel on a Ferrari? I mean the way you would travel in a Ferrari?

The boat would not be as comfortable as a Volvo (not by far), but would provide you with an incredible and safe ride. The boat is big but is not made to carry much weight, so, as in a Ferrari, you would have to travel light. I would say that this boat implies a kind of lifestyle.

Me, I am used. I don't tour on a Ferrari (it wastes too much fuel ), but I chose to tour on a very small and fast roadster (and I tour a lot). The Pogo is in what concerns boats the equivalent to my touring car. It is what I want and what I like, as a car and as a boat.

For me, the ride is as important (or more) than the places, otherwise I would be travelling by airplane. But I am a funny guy , some would say I am mad.

Better test sail that boat, even charter one for a while, to be sure. On this thread there is one Guy that is thinking in buying a Pogo 10.5. Perhaps you can join forces for a test sail. If you do that, tell me, I will be also interested.



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