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K1 and the group,

so if I understand correctly the Environmental Protection Agency...EPA - does NOTHING to test the dispersant/surfectant list for harm/toxicity to the environment?

Then why are the various media outlets, not being honest? We (I) continue to urge BP and the Fed to be helpful, but when various media state with great authority these does one verify or research their veracity...

since early on, all media at one time or the other "reported" tar balls from this well on southern FL, the FL Keys (the ones on the SE side, that most of us relate to when someone says the FL Keys), and will be on the Mid-atlantic by Sept..

Similarly they reported that the EPA "approved" the dispersants used by BP, until "someone" pointed out their toxicity, after which they were "banned" no mention of the coasties even being involved in that conversation.

I guess for me, the sad part is that there is absolutely NO TRUTH to anything any of these organizations say, broadcast or promote Gov or Media or University or ??

Were it you or I or some individual or small business partaking in this charade - presenting speculations, assumptions, as fact verified, we would be fried by this same administration.

I am weary of the misinformation, deliberate or otherwise that flows from this event. There is absolutely no way for the common, well read man to separate the horse pucky from the spit...

And it continues today with "pressures" again early on in the free flow, pressures were often stated by BP, CG, local University Geologists as being in the 11,000 PSI range..

Tomorrow will bring a review of this fact and so it continues on...
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