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K1 wrote "guess it is worth reiterating that not everything the media reports is totally objective, precise or reality..."

are you saying that NatGeo was/is irresponsible in reporting this...or that the EPA does NOT test for toxicity, or that ...

we will never know whether the dispersant was used at all, used to the tune of millions of gallons - then stopped, or used to the tune of millions of gallons and is still being used.

I heard from a ham radio list, ham aboard the NOAA ship, that they were "escorted" off several water column plumes and spills affecting several thousand feet of water column, while taking water samples to test for toxicity of the dispersants and what was in the plumes/water column....

once again, we the people are fed another line of BS by this president and his suite of incompetents on the scene....

btw, NO ONE has said much about the initial PSI of over 11K PSI, while the well was free flowing and the current 6-7K PSI...what happened to the other pressure, that they experts were so positive of, back seems that everyone is now nodding in agreement that 6,500 PSI is a GOOD thing...

This report was one of the many during that timeframe, that caused me to post my last message about what does the EPA actually DO....

now I am more confused than I thought NatGeo of all, may actually have some truth to their reports..
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