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Originally Posted by Hartley18 View Post
(Shamelessly cross-posted from A-S - because I'm an impatient bugger.. but you probably knew that already!!)

Just wondering if I'm missing something here.. Here's a pic of our fuel filter:

As I see it, there are two main controls - the fuel shut-off valve (yep, I can handle that ) and the drain valve. AIUI, any water in this thing will settle to the bottom and show clear, relative to the yellowish diesel above it (in the pic above, you can just see the line above the bottom of the bowl).

Opening the drain, I get pretty much straight diesel out and the yellow/clear level doesn't change. Upon closer inspection, it seems that, from the location of the bleed point in the chamber, there needs to be about 1" of water in this thing before I can drain any out with the bottom bleed...?

My questions:

1. The drain plug is extremely hard to close off without it leaking diesel. Is it supposed to be this hard to shut off, or am I missing something?

2. Is there supposed to be water in the bowl at all times?

3. If not, how do I drain the water out??

1. No the drain plug shouldnt be hard to shut off. However, with 'new' formulations of diesel, that plastic may be swelling a bit and therefore may be the reason for the difficulty.

2. No, it means that there is water in the tank .... free water in the bottom of the tank OR emulsified water in the fuel and that the filter media is 'coalescing' the emulsified, etc. water out of the fuel.

3. For this type of drain, and because your pic shows some 'space' under the filter bowl, .... I'd recommend that you remove the 'plug' at the drain and install a 'metal' cockvalve instead. Then if you in future visualize free water in the clear bowl, then all you'd have to do is open the '**** valve' to drain the water .... dont need a 'wrench/spanner' to open a cockvalve.

Note this STUPID server is censoring my post.... and the **** above is reference to a 'rooster' .... begins with a c and ends with a K and when spelled backwards is 'kcoc' and is a proper name for a small valve that operates with a wingnut or 'thumbnut'.

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