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You make a joke, but the funny thing is, I had passengers with me that didn't realize that. I never drempt someone had never thought through the function of how a rudder works. I asked for help on the tiller, so I could do something, but they kept turning the rudder the wrong way. I should have gone through a explanation of everything before we set out.

To highlandman, you may have hit on some things. I don't know that I ever turned the rudder fully flat, but did get it on a 45 degree angle. The rudder is flat - a piece of flat aluminum stock, so that may explain some things. In higher winds, the boat moved fast enough, of course it would turn before you go the rudder turned very far, but in light winds, what you are saying certainly makes sense.

Along with the jib, yes, the jib was cupped - meaning angled in towards the center of the boat. I found I had to let it out a long way to get control, which of course then it depowered. It seemed to cup a lot. This gives me some things to play with next time - things that I didn't sense were right, but needed more supporting argument to make a change. I may be able to drop a pulley on the shroud. That would put the jib sheet to the outer edge of the boat.

Thanks for the input.
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