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Originally Posted by jaschrumpf View Post
24:1 purchase on the backstay adjuster? What does that look like? I think of purchase being attained by the number of sheaves a line passes through; obviously my knowledge is incomplete, because I can't imagine a 24:1 in that situation.

To a racer our passage may not have looked like much, but I was not racing -- rather, I was pursuing my rather difficult course home while watching a fully-manned boat coming down on me fast and making no attempt to alter course. It's not a race if you're both not in it, and it's not like there was a course marked with buoys and I was obviously cutting through it-- he was coming straight down the river, apparently all alone, and was on a definite collision course with me. I have no doubt that one of us would have t-boned the other had I not changed course, and I wasn't the one that was supposed to change course. Especially since all I could do was go into irons, as falling off would have just put me into his path even more.

I'm not interested in racing, but I could develop a real dislike of them real fast if I run into any more of the "I don't have to follow the rules of the road with a cruiser because I'm in a race" mentality. That attitude is a lot like cyclists who demand to "share the road," yet run stop signs and traffic lights and generally ignore any lane markings that don't suit them.
Having your right-of-way disputed by a jerk who does not know/care about the ColRegs has nothing to do with racing, cruising, or bicycling, or whatever....
A small percentage of boaters, power or sail, are always gonna be jerks and only occasionally is there a CG or county mountie right there to see it happen, unfortunately.

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