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K1 wrote

"think things are not staged when the Pres shows up with his media hoards "...

every president has these events and stops and if you saw the scripting, paperwork, man hours and sheer numbers of people would really get POed..all that equals $$$$$ out the wazoo.

Having worked near White House Communications for a get to see the "real and up close" goings on...

they send out at least 3 "sets" of pres gear and no one really knows whose is the right set, or the set that is going to be used...every step/minute/arrival/departure is scripted to the Pres, and they really don't care what his politics are...they just do the job, and then the next one and so on..

.. and when I say sets, I mean everything from the big plane all the way down to the security teams and secret service and PA systems, podiums, and cables...all have to be set up and torn down by our military and their contractors...

On the other front, every Corp in america behaves just like BP has in this incident....there are people paid to do all those things that In mentions...deliberate or by accident it is only perception and perspective that one can use to decide...

One large Corp in Chicago, had a several hundred page "disaster" plan...and like BP never got off the first page before the stuff hit the fan when it was tested, and then later put in place, yet they have dozens/hundreds of people working on the plans.

As part of my training them, I would tell them that if their disaster/business continuity/whatever PC term they use was more than 3 pages long and involved more than two talking was doomed to failure....and as BP has found out...they too are the right people are never where they are supposed to be, those do gooders who are around and that know more go ahead and talk to the media, which BTW is never a good idea no matter where you stand

And although BP has stepped in it every step of the way, they are not unique, nor are they "trying" to be devious...just the way big business behaves...

Sadly you guys in the Gulf are, and will pay the price short term, the rest of us will get a few years grace before the effects stomp us...
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