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Originally Posted by Insails View Post
Sadly you guys in the Gulf are, and will pay the price short term, the rest of us will get a few years grace before the effects stomp us...

I hope when you get stomped like we are others do call you names and beat you while you are down....the one paying the cost for all of us should be BP for their actions and bribes to MMS to get the permits...

----I don't disagree at all...they should be made to pay and I am not beating you when you are down, it is just that the nation expected this Pres to "kick a**" and he refuses to do so...from the media reports that BP "Paid $20B" when they have only to pay $5B a year all the way down to the points that you have made....No one will stand up and force their hand. Maybe they can't, but I betcha they could do more, if they wanted to and if this was a priority. It isn't and as long as this Pres can make it "look like" he is active and involved...what you see is what you get. Nothing has changed, nor will it in his administration.

yes they cheated the system as many buisness's do...but they got caught so it's time now more than ever for honesty...They know we are right or they would not be covering up BP signs at stations across the south with canvas signs that say SHELL....Their rep is so bad now they are hurting their franchises

-----They are not going to be honest, we have learned that already, so next step is to get the victims involved, you guys are going to have to get your congressboobs, and Governor's to step up, quit whining, and DO collectively showing up at the WH...but they can't and won't even do that, as their politics/agendas are getting in the way...and they don't want to risk a career getting it wrong.

I have tried writing/web to the affected states congressmen, but they won't take info from me...I am out of state, therefore out of mind...and even that PO's here in VA the state of MD can make laws restricting MY use of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay...and there is not a thing I can do about it.
As I posted weeks ago....WE are collectively so screwed and so far have merely said "thank you" to the Pres and BP for doing it...

And we as a nation are so apathetic, so worried about our next handout, and PC behavior...that until this affects us personally and directly in the backside....we just go on our merry way...

I feel for you in this, and as you, I know in my heart that BP will escape this along with our Pres and his minions...fro pennies on the dollar or worse..they are selling assets and circling the wagons...and no one wants their problems or to be near them till this all "blows over"

it is just not important in the way that you and I think it is important...

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