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Russ & Others

Too late now as you started from below ....

You do not need to keep outer skin intact. Simplest way to recore a deck or cockpit floor is to cuto out the top layer of Gelcoat & glass and the underlying wood. Will need a wood chisel and a grinder to get rid of all the wood. then build upward with layers of cloth & glass matt, then wood, then cloth & matt then skim coat. Was taught this method by a boatbuilder who now buys and resells 25 year old boats.

Cut out the wood (in sections is OK). Then place matt and cloth down on lower layer of glass and thoroughly saturate with resin. Put the wood in place and place weights on top. Grind any excess then build up with layers of cloth & matt until level with existing area of deck. Grind smooth and fill with resin mixed with a sandable filler. I used West 407 for this.

For non painted boats roll on gelcoat with a stipple pattern in a taped area. You will be surprised how close it looks to original. If the deck has been painted it is even easier.

You do not need to use epoxy for this job. The long cure times lengthen the process. A polyester resin is fine and cures in approx 90 minutes allowing 3 -4 layers to be applied in a single day. West epoxy is also fine but makes the job a very drawn out affair.

I recently recored my cockpit floor in this manner and the entire job took 4 days. A major improvement over the bouncy floor I started with. 2 years ago used same method around chainplates. You cannot even tell that a repair was made in that area.


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