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Originally Posted by Hartley18 View Post
Oh, she gits along alright!

I'm not exactly sure what the displacement is (6.14 tonnes Thames Measurement if that helps - but it probably doesn't) although it must be up around the 6 ton mark - or even more. She started life with a Henry-Meadows 15Hp clunker and I do know now why the PO chose a 40HP donk: Going in and out of the pen and anywhere else it's kinda tight, it's nice to be able to throttle up and git going before the wind pushes the bow around.. and she'll do hull speed at 2500rpm, with more on tap if you're running late for the start!

It was a re-co the PO purchased in Sydney and had frieghted down and installed. They just sprayed the entire thing Volvo Green and then proceeded to scrape it all off whilst installing it.

You're both probably right - it may just be a loose bolt - but the books say use a Torque Wrench set to 9.9Nm and that's beyond my tool-box capaciuty I'm afraid.

Did I check if it was just a bolt loose? Nope! Dummy!! (insert smack head smiley)

The loose bolt may not be obviously loose. If it was last touched when installed it could have just loosened off a tadge, just enough to allow the gasket to unseat. You could of course hire a torque wrench from someone like Kennards.

Trouble with gaskets though is that once they leak you often need to take 'em off and dry them out. Depends on the type of gasket I believe.

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