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"Rich H- If I understand you correctly, less catalyst will make the batch kick faster? So, you recommend less catalyst for verticals, which will speed up the 'kick"?"

Yup, as strange as it seems, less catalyst (and less 'flow fluid") will speed up the 'kick'.

As stated before DONT WORRY ABOUT THE BUBBLES ON THE FIRST COAT .... the successive coats will fill in the 'crater' left by the 'bubbles'. Varnish can also do this 'bubbles' / outgassing; just be sure to lay on THICK (on the 'horizontals') and the craters will 'fill' and level out. Promise.

Note: if you HAVE to flat sand because the 'bubbles' are showing through successive coats, do not sand the 'base coat' but add a few more 'clear' coats and flat sand the clear (only) coats .... if you see 'yellow' in the sanding water, STOP, as you are now sanding down into the base coat.

If you have a LOT of 'craters' from all the bubbling of the first coating ON (hot) HORIZONTALS, let cure a bit for several HOURS, then apply more but use a polyethylene trowel and PUSH new base, etc. INTO the craters. The trowel will remove the new and will help to fill the 'craters' ...... just like how one works gelcoat on a male plug mold. Ditto for 'leveling' boo-boos on the large vertical surfaces; for 'verticals' use LESS 'flow fluid'.


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