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Originally Posted by cdhickey View Post
Here's the situation: I've recently come into a Northern 1/4 ton (Mirage 24, essentially) and I need to find a way to charge the battery. It will be sailed primarily on weekends during the summer, and the electrical demands are limited- a cabin light, nav lights, depth sounder, knot meter, and VHF radio.

There doesn't appear to be an alternator or charging circuit on the outboard (1992 Evinrude 8hp 2 stroke), and the previous owner used to charge the battery by taking it home and hooking it up to an automotive charger. I've got access to shore power, but no AC system on board.

My initial thought was using a portable automotive battery booster as needed, although I have no idea if this is the best approach. Another option may be solar, although deck space is limited and we don't exactly have the sunniest weather in these parts! Are there any other options I may be missing? Any suggestions for how to keep the battery full?
Was in a similar situation with my VIctory 21. the previous owner also lugged the batteries back and forth.

I tied a flexible solar "panel" to the deck and never worried about power again. I had plenty of it! The flexible panel you can step on, jump on, etc.

I did not use a charge controller because the panel was small enough to not overcharge the battery. (And lugging a battery means a dead battery which means an early death for the battery anyway.) So it was a very simple installation.


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