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Originally Posted by WanderingStar View Post
Are you easing the sheet on a reach?
This is where I show my ignorance - Duhrrrr... what? LOL.

I looked around some other threads about heeling, and took the advice "when in doubt, let it out," and this basic rule of thumb seems to help quite a bit.

mpickering - I've seen videos of people in their little sunfish sailboats catching the wind and hiking out; the basic difference, to me, is that I'm not so much interested in getting the maximum possible speed, as I am in just enjoying a relaxing afternoon's sail. I do move my body to the upwind side of the boat to help offset a little of the boat's heel; it just tends to want to heel further than I like. I'm making myself grow accustomed to small amounts of heel, though - 10 - 15 degrees, or so.

I guess you could say that I'm trying to learn to sail a dinghy sized sailboat as if it were a full-sized sailboat. It's the entire reason I got such a small boat, anyway - to learn on something small and twitchy, so I can move up to something larger and steadier.

Fair weather.

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