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Two years ago NJ put a law in force that makes it illeegal to wash the bottom of any boat unless you can catch all the runoff water and properly treat it. NO discharge that can run into lakes, streams, rivers, OR sewer systems or septic tanks. Enforcement was postponed 1 year, and now starts in September of this year. Essentially this means all marinas will be putting in large storage tanks and paying to haul it away at $1 a gallon. I work in the wastewater industry and have done a little freelance consulting with a marina on this issue. So far no one has succesfully demonstrated a system to meet the discharge standards. We can do it, but probably not at a cost that would beat $1 a gallon in the short term. Amortize over ten years though and we probably could get it down to $0.30 a gallon.
SO, expect to pay about $35 extra to get your boat cleaned this year if it takes 15 minutes or so.

Gary H. Lucas
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