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Originally Posted by PCP
Hey Man, great post

I agree with almost everything you have said even If I find those "Bluewater cruising yachts" pretty dated in what concerns design.

The cruising line of Elans are really too fat. You mean they had not any of the performance line there? The Elan 380 and the 410 are really nice boats, with very nice interiors. No fat ladies, but athletic gals with a nice and accommodating body, if you know what I mean

No Benetaus First? The 45 and the 50 are beautiful boats with a great interior.

I agree about the big Dehler: what a boat...and what a price

What Salona was there? You know the Salona is better appreciated on the water. It is a very good sailboat. This month I am going to visit the shipyard and have a look at the first Salona 41. Finished, but not yet out of the factory

I agree that the big Hanse are just beautiful. Perhaps they have improved the interior, as you say. As I have said on a previous post, they are just changing their design concept, and for the better.

About the trimaran, would that not be a Dragonfly? I love those boats and if the 35ft was not sooooo expensive I would just buy one and live in a very frugal way...just to have the pleasure to cruise at 20k.

About the European boat shows, there are Dusseldorf and Paris...forget about the others

Why don't you come to Paris, to the next one? I am going and there are worst cities to visit than Paris . I am sure that your wife would love it (I mean, not the boat show, the city ).



No doubt the Bluewaters are dated. From memory they came off Adams drawing board over 20 years ago. So yes, old fashioned and slow but nonetheless lovely boat.

Re Elan...I get where you are coming from . They only had two boats, the 384 and the 340 which is a nice enough thing but I was really hoping to see a 350.

Yes there were a couple of Firsts but once she had seen the Oceanus she did not want anything to do with Beneteaus. To be honest she was still drooling about the Dehler.

Which is oh yes, what a price indeed but the Wombet was scrabbling about everywhere on that D45. She loved it. The dealer was pretty happy with the new 32. Certainly more realistically priced.

The Hanse interior is still apartment living, but it is expensive apartment living not some Ikea furnished students flat.

Trimaran not a Dragonfly. Much smaller. This little thing could not have been bigger than 21-22'. I'll fine the details.

Love to do Paris and the Wombet would not object at all. She would be just as happy touring the boat show as out shopping for clothes, in fact she would rather look at boats than clothes. Then a nice little bistro for dinner. She'd be quite happy. Only problem is that I need to go to Europe some time September this year or April next. I doubt that I can manage an extra trip in the middle. We shall see. Damned expensive flying from Oz to Europe I'm afraid.

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