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Thanks Guys:

Again the whole purpose of me spending so much time doing theses videos was to hopefully inspire some people who have never done any wood working to give it a go....and those that have done some to stretch into something they maybe haven't tried....You don't need a fancy shop..all this could be done on a set of saw horses under a tarp somewhere.

Hopefully using the clock in the videos and showing how little time it really did take will also help convince some to try it. ..I haven't gone back and tallied the time all up but Im guessing around 10 hours total including 90.00 per hour yard rates + 30 to 100 % mark up on materials that's easily a 1000.00 savings with the added reward and satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself....My wife has already lavished me with praise and kisses...I would not have gotten that for writing a check for it..

Let me repeat here that the only power tool you really need for this project if you purchase dimensioned lumber is a table saw.... and a cheap one at that with a good blade in it... every single other process can be done by hand ....that and a few good clamps will give you the same results I did....

Thanks to those whom took the time to post a remark or questions and comments...that means a lot to me, and keeps me going...I always have fun sharing what little I know about something and picking up other tips and tricks along the way....and always hope it truly helps someone else.


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